Day 30 – Bali, Indonesia

Ubud. First impressions. Ubud is the cultural center of Bali. Although I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or if I just made that up, Ubud definitely has a different vibe from Kuta. The main street is still bustling and chaotic with cars and motorbikes but at least there’s a sidewalk here. One notable difference is where Kuta has beaches, Ubud has lush greenery and beautiful religious shrines scattered throughout the city.


My first stop, aside from checking-in at my hostel, was at Sang Spa 3. I opted for the honey and cucumber facial and it was uhh-mazing. She started with a cleanse, then exfoliate, then a steam, each time gently massaging my face. Then she put honey on my face and chest. Okay, it’s exactly how it sounds … pretty much felt like raw honey. Surely they must mix other things in there. After scrubbing away the honey concoction, she layered ice-cold slices of cucumber all over my face. Then she started massaging each arm with just the right amount of pressure. At one point I think I even fell asleep.


During the entire time at the spa, I could only think of one thing … work. Seriously, can you believe it? But it’s not what you think. The one thing I kept thinking to myself was how easy it is for us to get so caught up in daily lives that we forget to take care of ourselves sometimes. I know working in the ER, my perception of time was always 4-hour blocks and shift-to-shift and week-by-week. I was always so focused on getting through my week, that often times I wouldn’t do anything else on my days off except catch up on sleep and maybe some errands. I kept telling myself that eventually I would get a massage at the end of the week or the next week and it never happened.


I know that not everyone has the freedom to splurge on things such as massages every month but self-care is so important. If Bali has taught me anything, it’s the importance of mind-body-spirit and balance. So to all the nurses, doctors, RTs, PALS, CLS and all my friends that work inside and outside of the hospital setting, remember to take care of yourself every now and then, whether it be a massage or yoga or even something as simple as taking yourself out for dinner. It’s hard to justify $100 on yourself when you have other priorities and a family to think about, but just do it. You will be happier and they will benefit from your happiness. If you can’t, I understand but just know I am thinking of you during mine and I appreciate everything that you are doing back home.


Been traveling for a month straight now and it still feels like I’m going to go home and pick up right where I left off. I’m missing my family, my friends and all the coworkers I left behind. I have been constantly reminding myself to live in the moment each day because this truly is a trip of a lifetime. I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel the world and am still so excited for what is yet to come.

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