Day 29 – Bali, Indonesia

Story Time. I think the word Mas in Indonesian means “boy.” While walking around in Bali, there are people constantly trying to solicit you into their shops, to buy their goods, and offering rides and massages. So on my way to the beach, numerous men and women repeatedly call out Mas in my direction. Normally, I keep walking or politely shake my head, No. People would literally reach out towards me, one lady even grabbed my arm and tried to pull me into her shop and then I realized, basically I’m Daenerys TargaryenBecause when you repeatedly shout Mas, it starts to sound like Mhysa.

Fruits of Labor bowl topped with fresh dragon fruit, mango, and papaya @ Beach Bowl

Went back to Beach Bowl for a late breakfast bowl. The staff immediately recognized me and started smiling when I walked in. They were very friendly and gave me some tips about visiting Bali. Once again, I was mistaken for Indonesian. I’m really dark.

Loving these entry ways that are all over Bali!

Took a long walk on the beach today. I decided not to go to Padang Padang Beach, but instead walked along the water from Legian Beach down to Kuta Beach and actually really enjoyed it. The weather has been cooler today, in the mid-80s and breezy. After giving Bali a second chance, I really started to enjoy my day. Even though it is very touristy and everyone is trying to get you to spend money, Bali is very relaxing and everyone has a big smile on their face.

Fantastic banh mi @ Fat Chow

The food scene is Bali is killing the Asian fusion cuisine. I went back to Fat Chow for lunch and had their grilled pork Banh Mi. The grilled pork was so tender and flavorful. This restaurant is literally elevating classic Asian dishes and it’s so affordable!

The BEST way to cool off in Bali is poolside @ Hotel Terrace

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