Day 28 – Bali, Indonesia

First Impressions. Bali is very commercialized. From the minute you clear customs, you are immediately confronted by a swarm of taxi drivers trying to sell you their “best price.” They even follow you after you refuse and then they ask “Where you from?” The streets are very narrow and commonly shared between pedestrians, motorists, and vehicles. Sometimes a little too closely shared. There is definitely no shortage of restaurants and eateries around. Bali is a true foodie paradise.


Legian Beach and Kuta are no different. On the short walk to the beach from my hotel, I could barely walk ten steps without someone offering me a ride or trying to get me to browse inside their shops. I get it, it’s how people make a living, but constantly having to refuse people does get tiring very quickly. Especially in the heat and with an empty stomach.

Fresh fruit bowl is the best breakfast!

I stumbled upon a little shop this morning that served fresh fruit smoothies and bowls, which was perfect for the kind of breakfast I was looking for. I had the acai bowl because I’m fancy and almost walked out without paying. The workers behind the counter just stared at me with puzzled looks on their faces until I realized what I had almost done. We laughed about it very soon after and I told them I would return tomorrow for another delicious bowl.


I took a walk on Legian Beach after breakfast. Of course, loads of people were trying to get me to rent their chairs and surf boards, but I refused and kept walking. Coming from the Andaman Coast of Thailand, the beach actually wasn’t the most beautiful one I’ve seen but it is the first beach that had actual surfers on it. I wanted to give surfing a try here in Bali but I didn’t realize you needed multiple days to learn to surf at the schools here. Tomorrow I think I will check out Padang Padang Beach, it’s suppose to be beautiful and hoping to travel to Ubud this weekend. For now I am just enjoying the slow tempo, exploring Kuta, and watching 13 Reasons Why in my hotel room.

Mekong Roll and chicken fried rice @ Fat Chow

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