Day 23 – Bangkok, Thailand

Back to Bangkok. The struggle to find reliable wifi has been real the past few days. After relaxing on the various beaches for the past week, it was time to head back to the big city to prepare for my flight out of Thailand. Having accomplished most of my bucket list the last time I was in the city, I spent my short time in Bangkok mostly recuperating from my most recent travels.

Taxi Waiting Room, about a 20-25 minute wait

This time around, I landed at Bangkok’s other airport, Don Mueang International Airport [DMK], sitting north of the city. My first impressions of the airport were very positive. The facility is clean, well-lit and overall more comfortable than my experience in [BKK]. It all came to a screeching stop when I made it outside to the “Taxi Stand” and immediately noticed the Taxi Waiting Room. Unlike Suvarnabhumi Airport [BKK], there is no Airport Link railway that connects the airport to the city center. I took my number, 822, and looked at the Now Serving screen – 564. To my surprise, the queue moved pretty quickly, serving about 50 numbers every 10-15 minutes.

I decided to spend the day exploring another one of Bangkok’s infamous shopping malls. In case you didn’t know, shopping malls in Asia are on a different level. Literally, there are 8-10 levels in any given mall with various elevator routes that feel like they are constantly changing. s/o if you just got that HP reference. MBK Shopping Center is bright and chaotic and immediately in-your-face. It’s so easy to get lost wandering the corridors and seeing what everyone has to sell. If you are ever in the market for useless electronics or pirate DVDs, this is the place to go.

Side note, I watched a movie at the hotel called Spare Parts (2015) starring George Lopez, which was actually a really good movie. I wasn’t expecting to get very emotional, but it had some really good messages within the film and I would highly recommend watching it. Of course, at the end of the film there is a “based on a true story” reel and all the emotions came flooding back.

Taking advantage of my business suite at Bandara Suites Silom Bangkok, I wanted to make a home-cooked meal. I bought my groceries from the nearby shopping mall (I told you they were on a different level) and made the spaghetti I had been craving for the past month. To be honest, it did not satisfy my craving nor did it feel like it was worth the price or hassle of buying groceries. Even with the same Prego sauce, all I had to season my ground beef was a shaker of Italian seasoning, no onions, no hotdogs. I’ll just wait until I get state-side again so I can have it the right way.


My last night in Bangkok had to be spent exploring, so I took the train and walked around a new neighborhood. Browsed the numerous booths at the night market and by the time I came home it was already almost midnight. My flight was at 0835 so a very sleepy me managed to check-out of the hotel, get a taxi back to the airport and barely made it past baggage drop-off, immigration, and security with thirty minutes to spare at my gate. Onto my next dextination… Kuala Lumpur!

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  1. I LOVE MBK! Back in the days when there were not a lot of malls, i go there a lot. Glad you had a great time in Thailand! 😀


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