Day 20 – Railay Beach, Thailand

Ao Nang Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Dare I say, the Andaman Coast of Thailand may actually be more beautiful than the islands in the East? This morning I left my hotel, dropped off my laundry, and walked down the main street towards Ao Nang Beach. I passed by numerous massage shops and travel booths down the road until I finally reached the beach. Along the beach, there were a bunch of long-tail boats, ready to take tourists across the waters to the nearby Railay Beach.

Long-tail boat to Railay Beach
Cue the Jurassic Park theme song

A short, 10-15 minute boat ride later, I stepped off onto the shores of Railay Beach. You immediately are welcomed by soft, powdery sand as you look up and realize you are surrounding by huge cliffs of limestone on either side. This side of Thailand really reminds me of El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. It is such a beautiful sight, that never gets old to see.

West Railay Beach

After swimming in the ocean, I decided to explore the area and find the “lagoon” that a guy on the boat had mentioned on the way to Railay. I followed the path to East Railay and got to the point where I was met by a huge, steep, cliffside. Really, it was practically vertical and there weren’t any steps, just edges of roots and eroded cliff to follow. I overheard one of the other visitors telling another couple that it was about fifteen minutes of climbing before you could find a flat path to follow. Naturally, the ER nurse inside of me decided against attempting to essentially rock climb up the side of the mountain with wet flip flops and instead continued the path to Phra Nang (Cave Beach).

Phra Nang (Cave Beach) in Railay

It started to pour rain, so I hopped on another long-tail boat and headed back to Ao Nang Beach to my hotel. After I showered, I met the owner of the hotel, Jitapa, who gave me recommendations for island tours and even helped me set one up for tomorrow. I got a foot massage from the place next to my hotel and it was amazing, especially after the long week that I’ve had. I came back to the hotel, where one of the ladies working gave me a box of sliced watermelon for free. Seriously, the most accommodating place in the world! I finally had to try the coconut ice cream (delicious) and enjoyed them both on the patio in front of the hotel.

I met two more Canadians (Eh?) from a nearby hostel and they invited me out to a Pub Crawl that night. The Slumber Party Hostel Pub Crawl is honestly one of the best things that I have done in Krabi, Thailand. I met a bunch of travelers from all over the world and we all had a great time. Totally worth it, even though I didn’t get much sleep before the Koh Phi Phi tour.

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