Day 19 – Ao Nang, Thailand

Another travel day. And a long one at that. Started this morning at 8:30am to check-in for my boat to get off Koh Tao. The first catamaran left at 9:30 and dropped us off at Koh Phangan where we waited an hour to catch the second catamaran to Surat Thani. After arriving on the pier, we were picked up by the coach bus and drove about 3 hours to the province of Krabi. Normally, I don’t get motion sickness on trains, however, buses and vans are a different story. Especially when the roads are narrow and winding. I took a ginger supplement and fell asleep for a good hour or so in the beginning, which helped, but woke again feeling nauseated. So I popped a Zofran ODT and thirty minutes later started chewing some peppermint Rolaids. Ha, I came prepared!

Lomprayah high speed catamaran, lower deck, air-conditioned

Pro Tip: Lomprayah high speed catamarans are a great option for island-to-island transfers. The boats are fast and smooth. However, they seem to love keeping everyone in the dark about what is going on. They have a system of stickers, tickets, and baggage tags, which seems to work for them but nobody will tell you exactly what you should expect. For example, I had a 1 hour layover on Koh Phangan, which I only figured out by reading my wristband and catching the overhead announcement right as we reached the pier. Another example, nobody told me I needed to get off at Krabi and catch a separate van to Ao Nang. In fact, when I asked if there was one bus or two to Ao Nang, the lady at the desk gave me a crazy look, said there was only one bus and shooed me away. They will herd you around like cattle so you must be very aware when you are transferring from place to place.


Pro Tip: Bring food on your journey! There is a snack bar open on the boat, but do yourself a favor and bring a sandwich or something to hold you over. You can walk off the pier in Koh Phangan to get food, but there is no time to stop in Surat Thani to buy something or even use the restroom.

Long-tail boat selfie on the way to Railay Beach

Finally arrived in Krabi at 5:30pm, where we were dropped off at the Lomprayah office aka the middle of nowhere. Had to switch to a van to take us the rest of the way to Ao Nang. Luckily, I was dropped off at the second stop. Check-in at my hotel was pretty effortless, and then I finally enjoyed some local Thai food. M Boutique & Kitchen, which I had originally booked on Airbnb is quite nice. I have a corner room so it feels huge and there is a rain shower and a full-size jacuzzi bathtub. Tomorrow I am planning on catching a boat over to Railay Beach or possibly trying to get a tour of Koh Phi Phi. We shall see, but for now it is complete relaxation.

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