Crystal Dive Resort – Guest Review

Disclaimer: I have not received any services or compensation from Crystal Dive Resort for writing this review. All opinions are solely my own based on my experience at the resort.

Crystal Dive Resort is one of the many dive schools on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand. If you book ahead, there will be a guy at the pier holding a sign, ready to pick you up and take you directly to the resort from the boat. I chose this particular school because of other reviews that I read online mentioning their professionalism and interest in eco-friendly diving. They even have an entire program dedicated towards protecting the environment.

Single room with air-con [$45/nt]
Accommodation. The single air-con room is spacious and very comfortable. The room is very clean. However, the bathroom water smells like rotten eggs, not just at the beginning or at the end, but every single time. They do have laundry service for 50 THB/kg, similar to the other prices around the area. Although being a hotel/resort property, there is no daily room turnaround, which personally I don’t mind (less strangers entering my room), but I can see how it may be a problem for certain travelers.

Rates for “non-divers” is 1500 THB, if you are also getting certified by the dive school, rates are 1000 THB. Pro Tip: The discounted rate applies ONLY to the nights you have classes with the dive school. If you arrive early or stay an extra night, they will charge you the full rate even if you have completed your dive course through them. Personally, I don’t appreciate these terms and when I asked the lady about staying an extra night, she told me it would only cost 600 THB, so I decided to stay. Had I known they would charge more, I probably would’ve strongly considering leaving the island immediately after finishing my certification on the next boat to the mainland. Not sure if it is a lack of communication, but it feels like a scam.


Dive School. The resort is located on the beach and only walking distance from the pier. Having just finished my PADI Open Water Dive certification, I can attest that Crystal Dive Resort is a great school to get your certification from! They are very professional and safe, work with you based on your independent needs and make sure you have a good time. The proximity to the pier is perfect for waking up getting on the boat for those morning dives. The beach and resort area are kept very clean and the staff is extremely nice and helpful to everyone. I would definitely recommend Crystal Dive Resort to get your PADI but consider staying elsewhere.

Leaving the pier at 7am for our last two morning dives

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