Day 13 – Koh Phangan, Thailand

Goodtime Beach Backpackers @ Charm Beach

Greetings from paradise! I am currently blogging on the beach in beautiful Koh Phangan, Thailand. Yesterday, I left the mainland and took a high speed catamaran to one of the islands along the East coast. The boat was quick and smooth sailing, and there was even a snack bar open onboard for the short journey.

Classico cheeseburger @ Outlaws Saloon

Upon arriving to my hostel, I was informed that it was still a bit early to check-in so I had a few hours to kill. No problem! Goodtime Beach Backpackers is a beachfront hostel located in Baan Tai, Koh Phangan. Two hours, lying on the beach was exactly what my body was craving. I actually wasn’t expecting the hostel to be bungalows on the beach, but I definitely was not complaining! For dinner I went to Outlaws Saloon, a western-themed restaurant that serves huge cheeseburgers, because sometimes you just want a cheeseburger and fries.

Last night, the hostel hosted a pre-party for the famous half-moon party at the bar and on the beach. The half-moon party is located in the jungle and has three stages where international DJs come to play for the crowd of party-goers. I met some awesome Canadians, Jason and Kayla, from the hostel and we spent the night dancing and squirting everyone with our free water pistols. Honestly, the party was a little overrated and probably not worth the 1400 THB entrance fee. It was still crowded with lots of people and there were some fire performers, however, there weren’t any blacklights near the stages to show off everybody’s neon pant. After leaving the party, we went back to the hostel, met the manager, Jasper from the UK, and hung out at the hostel bar, still squirting each other with the water pistols. (Songkran 4ever)

Shared 4-bed dorm beachside bungalow [$11/nt]
I’ve just checked-out and am now sitting on the beach, waiting to get picked up for the next catamaran to Koh Tao. Can’t wait to share what’s coming next!

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