Day 9 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wild mushroom risotto with white truffle foam

Kara and Sammy have arrived in Chiang Mai! Hooray for travel buddies! Today was the third and final day of Songkran. We ate breakfast at our hostel and then headed out to find some water guns to start our day. On our way to the Old City, somehow my beloved water gun broke so I had to purchase a new one. Part of me was really bummed BUT I wasn’t about to skip out on Songkran. And I also got a really good deal thanks to Sammy’s awesome haggling skills. After many hours of soaking strangers (never gets old!), bar hopping, and having one too many beers, we returned to the hostel to shower and rest. I checked into my next accommodation of the trip, Cozytel Chiang Mai and took a nap before dinner.



For dinner we had reservations for a restaurant called David’s Kitchen. The owner, David, is from London and has lived in Thailand for seventeen years. He greeted us at our table and came by a few times to make sure we were enjoying our meal. Awesome! Reminded me of Mr. Lopez! I ordered a caesar salad (thank God for  parmesan cheese) and mushroom risotto with white truffle foam. It was probably one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. Everything was cooked perfectly and the service was top notch! I could not recommend this restaurant enough If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, you should definitely give David’s Kitchen a try! You can thank me later. Great job, Kara! I guess we’ll keep you. Tomorrow we have an early start, so for now it’s off to bed.

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