Day 5 – Bangkok, Thailand

My last day in Bangkok was spent absolutely spoiling myself. After checking out of my hostel, I had several hours to kill before the train to Chiang Mai was leaving in the evening. I decided to go to another shopping mall to spend some time and maybe see a movie. NTS: Movies in Thailand are in Thai with English subtitles. Yeah, glad I didn’t spend 2 hours watching Emma Watson in Thai. For lunch I went to Din Tai Fung (YES!) and splurged on a meal that I knew would be delicious. Food was great, service was so-so. I walked around the 7-story mall and decided it was time for a Thai massage.

My bunk in 6-bed mixed dorm @ Once Again Hostel [$15/nt]
Best. Decision. Ever. Okay, so from what I’ve ever read about Thai massages (no happy ending), it’s that the traditional technique is to use acupressure and the masseuse pulls on your arms and legs. Not really my cuppa tea. So I opted for the aromatherapy message and chose lemongrass as my scent. Again, amazing! The entire massage lasted about 1.5 hours for less than $30! I have never been so relaxed in my life. Sure, there were times were I felt awkward, and there were times which just flat out HURT (like my neck and shoulders) but two years of constantly hanging a stethoscope on your neck will do that to you. Not to mention my thirty pound backpack that I’m lugging around. I felt so good that I could have probably fallen asleep, but I didn’t want to miss any part of the experience. The massage finished with a cup of hot water infused with lemongrass, and I was in heaven. Mantra Health & Spa, third floor, Central World in Bangkok, Thailand.

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