Day 3 – Bangkok, Thailand

Status update. I checked out of the wonderful Arte Hotel and headed to my next accommodation of the trip, Once Again Hostel.

As I waited a couple of hours for 2:00 to roll around so I could check-in, I decided to go out and look for some food. The famous pad thai restaurant that I had heard so much about was closed until dinner, so instead I walked around the corner from my hostel and found a little cafe. I flipped through pages and pages of delicious pictures and decided on a dish called Pad Kra Praow. To my surprise, out came a dish that I can only describe as “beautifully clean and pleasantly spicy.” A mixture of basil, ground beef and thai chilis over a “fluffy egg” and a bed of rice. The egg was so light, almost cloud-like and all the ingredients complemented each other well. I think this one had some lemongrass because I could detect a distinct flavor that I was obsessing over. Kope Gya Tai Kee @ Giant Swing

Pad Kra Praow w/ ham and cheese spring rolls and Thai black tea

After lunch I took an Uber to the Chaktuchak Market and browsed the endless aisles of small shops and boutiques. On the way home, I stopped by the train station to pick up my ticket to Chiang Mai and headed back. For dinner I went to Thip Samai, the pad thai place I wanted to try for lunch and waited in line for approximately twenty minutes. After I was seated, I ordered the famous “Superb Pad Thai” that I had watched being cooked in an assembly line right outside. It took a surprisingly long time for my food to arrive (surprising because I watched them cook the exact same dish nonstop for twenty minutes and stack them next to the register) However, overall I found the food to be a little disappointing. I have definitely had much better pad thai dishes in the US (shoutout to Thai Bistro).

Rooftop view from Once Again Hostel

I walked back to my hostel just up the street. My shirt already soaked in sweat from the day’s itinerary. Tomorrow I have plans to meet up with a friend of a friend, who has agreed to show me around Bangkok.

“With great food comes great constipation.”


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