Day 1 – Bangkok, Thailand

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So far so good. My parents dropped me off at the airport and after we said our goodbyes, I immediately headed to the EVA Air desk to check-in. The guy at the desk asked if I wanted to be moved to an exit row instead of a fully booked Row 69 near the back of the plane. I happily accepted. After meeting up with Kara and getting through security, we checked into the United Club (using two passes from my mom) and enjoyed our free soups and wine while we waited for our upcoming flight. (Thanks Mom!) The flight was long, however, not completely unbearable d/t the infinite leg room! The plane was very clean and modern. Food was excellent and entertainment had a great selection of recently released movies that kept me busy for several hours. EVA Air gets two thumbs up from me!


Landed in Taipei, Taiwan. After a short layover, Kara left onto a different flight to Hanoi. (Boo!) A few hours later, I landed in Bangkok, Thailand! Here are some tips to navigate through Suvarnabhumi airport like a pro:

  • Skip the first immigration area with the long lines and walk a little bit further down the corridor. There is a Visa Upon Arrival section and a second immigration area with shorter lines.
  • Fill out your arrival and departure card on the plane before you land. Have your passport number and address of your hotel on hand.
  • According to the signs, you are required to show proof of onward travel (or your returning flight information) and have 1000 THB for your visa.
  • Have a printed copy of your flight information on hand or take a screenshot on your phone BEFORE you step foot on the airplane to Thailand. You may not be able to find reliable wifi when you land. Bring $30-40 USD to exchange for the visa.

Luckily, I booked my ticket to KL the previous week BUT I did not have a printed copy and I could not access the wifi in the airport. There were lots of “free wifi” options available, however, I did not feel comfortable entering my passport number into an unsecured network. Personally, I was not asked to show my flight information nor was I asked to pay 1000 THB, but just know that may not be the case for everybody.

After I cleared immigration, I picked up my backpack and started walking towards the airport-link train station. My backpack was HEAVY. Like really really heavy. I knew I had packed a lot of stuff before I left (I mean, I’m going to be gone for 4 months) but after the long flight, the last thing I wanted to do was lug around 30 pounds on my back with another 20 pounds strapped onto my front. Somehow, I miraculously found my hotel without wifi and having nothing but the address. I took the train to the station that said “Sukhumvit” and had to stop twice to ask for directions. Luckily the hotel was only a short five minute walk from the train station. Checked-in and immediately de-stressed.

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