Budget Goal – check!

Today, I have officially, not only reached, but surpassed my budget goal for my trip by $1k. I started saving for this trip in August 2015, got to a point where I was putting $100 per month aside for travel. As soon as I finished paying off my student loan (whoo!) I pushed myself to save $500 a month and eventually $1000 per month.


Goals are so important in the world of travel. If you’re thinking, “I’d love to travel but I just don’t have the money” then you need to change your mindset to, “I love to travel, so how can I make this a reality?!” You’d be surprised at how quickly a small amount adds up. Set your goal. As you see your savings grow, you will be more likely to put aside your extra cash rather than splurging on something you don’t really need.

Pro Tip: Take out a set amount of cash for each trip. At the end of the trip, put whatever cash you have leftover into a jar instead of using it when you return home. Good luck!

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