The Word is OUT

It’s really happening! I am so incredibly excited to finally announce my plan for my next trip. My ticket is booked. The word is out. I’m going to … THAILAND!

What started out as a dream vacation to New Zealand has now snowballed into a 4-month backpacking trip through 6 (hopefully 7) countries and the biggest trip of my life!

I am starting in Bangkok, exploring northern Thailand and then the islands. Then, making my way down Southeast Asia, stopping in Singapore and Bali, on my way to Australia. I’ll continue backpacking the eastern coast of Australia and hopping over to New Zealand for a tour with the Kiwi Experience. From there, I’m planning on flying back to the Philippines to meet some friends and family before finishing in Japan.


Unfortunately, a trip of this scale and length means that I will be quitting my job as a nurse. A job that I have come to love and appreciate over time and with coworkers that I am beyond blessed to have in my life. I have been confronted with nothing but love and sincerest regards (and a few envious ones) over the past couple of weeks as I broke the news. I will miss you all dearly, but we still have a few more weeks to celebrate together!

The future upon my return is still unclear. Will I continue to work as a Pedi ER nurse or take a travel assignment and move across the country? Will I completely fall in love with a country and decide to teach English overseas for a year? Who knows? One thing I know for sure is that I am excited, a little nervous, but will enjoy my last few weeks with some pretty great friends.

Continue to follow this blog to keep up with my latest travels! Feel free to leave a comment or share some recommendations for my upcoming trip!

5 thoughts on “The Word is OUT

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  1. Dexter I am beyond proud of you! You are an amazing person with an amazing heart! I pray God opens every door for you and that this journey leads to where ever your heart wants it to go, YOU DESERVE IT!! I am going to miss seeing you so much but the world needs you the most!!

    You have a forever friend in me who is always praying many blessings your way!!



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